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Welcome to The PDS Sports Judge's Official Web Site. The Sports Judge has spent the last 27 years developing Software Handicapping Tools to assist you in determining when Lines on sporting events are "Inefficient". PDS Sports has analyzed thousands of Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball, Pro Baseball and Pro Hockey games since the company was founded in 1982. The developer, Roger Mott, had an untimely death in November of 2007. We plan on carrying on the tradition of utilizing the PDS software, and hopefully make improvements. We appreciate your patience, and hope you continue to support our product.

The Sports Judge realized very early in the development stages that using Raw Historical Team Statistics was not going to be good enough to determine if the current Wagering Lines are "Efficient" or "Inefficient". He realized that using each Team's Raw Historical Statistics alone, not taking into consideration each Team's Strength Of Schedule, would produce false anticipated results. He understood that using Raw Historical Statistics alone might make Team A look great in a match up against Team B when in reality Team B is a much better Team. Team A had played a much easier schedule and Team B had played a much tougher schedule season to date. This realization led him to the development of extremely complicated Handicapping Algorithms that build "Floating Benchmarks" for each Team's Historical Statistics to be measured against. These "Floating Benchmarks" are automatically adjusted by our software systems at every point in the current season to reflect each Team's Strength Of Schedule. The end result is that you are comparing "Apples & Apples" and not "Apples & Oranges".

From the beginning The Sports Judge has realized that there are only two ways to approach the making of a decision about wagering on a sporting event, the "Wrong Way" and the "Right Way". He strongly feels that if there are any "Emotions" or "Hunches" involved in that decision it is definitely the "Wrong Way". He also strongly feels that if you don't have a good feel for how "Efficient" or "Inefficient" the Line is, it is definitely the "Wrong Way".

We as PDS Sports have found that is not that difficult to exceed the magic 52.8% Win Percentage needed to break even when wagering with a 10 cent Line. All you need is the proper Handicapping Tools and some good old Common Sense.

Always look for those games where the Line is "Inefficient"

  • Always look for those games that offer a clear "Value"
  • Always be patient and wait for the right "Value" before wagering
  • Always look for as many reasons as possible why the game should or should not be played
  • Always use some "Benchmark", yours or others, to measure each Team's Historical Statistics against
  • Always make sure you are comparing "Apples & Apples" and not "Apples & Oranges"
  • Always make sure that the majority of Handicapping Options point to the same Team or Teams
  • Always analyze the "Versus Line Results" after each Schedule Of Event
  • Never let "Emotions" or "Hunches" get involved in your decision process
  • Never forget that the Line Makers use "Statistics" and not "Emotions" and "Hunches" when making Lines
  • Never forget that the Lines can be extremely accurate for varying periods of time
  • Never forget that the more you know about a matchup the greater your statistical chances of success
  • Never be without the proper Handicapping Tools to analyze the Schedule Of Events
  • Never attempt to play all games in the Schedule Of Events
  • Never wager on games just for the "Action" if there is no clear "Value"
  • Never wager more than you can afford

We at PDS Sports want to thank you for your interest and assure you that we are looking forward to working with you towards a mutually successful relationship. Please feel free to contact us should you have questions.

See You At The Top!

The Sports Judge



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