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college Basketball Picks
college Basketball Picks


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Pro Basketball Picks

Pro Basketball Picks

Pro Basketball Picks

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Pro Basketball Picks

Pro Basketball Selections
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Pro Basketball Picks

Season is Ready to Go - PDS is offering Premier Pro Basketball Picks for the rest of the Pro Basketball season. We will looking at computer simulations, trend & statistical analysis, and hands on handicapping to produce high percentage plays.

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We are not going to tell you that we will be offering 100% plays, or 30 star lead pipe palamino pulverizer cinches, but we will give you consistently high-percentage winners.

You will receive between One (1) and five (5) - possibly more - high quality plays per day. You will be e-mailed the plays no later than noon, or sooner if possible. (Available Dec. 04th, 2015)

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Sports handicapping service is a practice that originated from handicapping sports and games. The word handicap was drawn from the early lottery game dubbed as hand-in-cap wherein the competitors placed their bets in a cap. This practice is being exploited so as spectators can devise a method where they can actually forecast and calculate the possible outcome of a particular sporting bout.

For everyone's benefit, sports handicapping service practices the art of predicting the result of a contest where the purpose of risking a bet against the point spread is at stake. This is spread betting. This actually tells us that a favored team that goes home by less than that of the spread point is still considered as the winner of the game yet the bets on that team go down.

One of the prominent yet difficult sports wherein sports handicapping service is being carried out is in pro basketball predictions. How? Here is the deal.

In the NBA where numerous factors are being considered, you should keep up with the trend and be very familiar with each team's starters in making pro basketball picks, bench supporting cast, coaches, current team standing and even up to injuries. It is a must that you watch the games regularly to clearly understand what went on the entire game. By just simply watching the game, you can eventually assess which players or teams do well in their stats.

When you handicap, always prepare to be wrong. This is inevitable. There are instances that you may nail a game and then your team is beating the spread of the entire game with no sweat. Yet before they call it a game, the other team just performed a head scratching late game heroics by burying significant buckets and you end up missing your pick.

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